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Janifer Yeo-Tan
Janifer Yeo-Tan



Co-Founded the JYSK Group with her husband, DR SK Tan, in 1999 where they built up the DRx Group of companies and successfully sold off to a conglomerate in 2010 for an undisclosed 8 figure sum. A serial women-entrepreneur that has built up a series of multi-million dollar businesses ranging from SkinCare and Medical Delivery Systems to award-winning restaurants.

Mrs Tan and Dr Tan are also significant shareholders in other diverse industries overseas - Illustris (USA - R&D in Molecular Delivery Technology), Novaremed (Switzerland - R&D in Pharmaceuticals), and Implite (Israel - Medical devices). She also Co-Founded the JYSK Foundation, a charity that supports the care of needy children, as well as fund charities in the Philippines, Thailand and Africa, providing shelter and basic necessities to homeless and abandoned children.

JYSK Group currently owns and operates the IDS Brands - Singapore’s top dermatological skincare and medical aesthetics brand.

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